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Weird Homes Tour – Austin

Austin’s rapid expansion not only impacts traffic but it also makes a significant impact on the local wildlife. Well, Sam and Barbara Attwell Ritter’s house, Ebba Springs, helps to counteract this trend by incorporating wildlife habitat elements in every corner!

The driveway entrance contain cavities that house several species of birds. An award winning 27’ tall artistically designed tufa bat cave also stands prominently in the front yard. The bat’s guano serves as a fertilizer for the vegetable garden. Several other habitat towers stand throughout the property and often house vultures, squirrels, owls, and woodpeckers. And finally a wildlife pond of native plants keeps these critter neighbors full and happy.

The house is just as eco-conscious as the surrounding property. Made with a rammed earth technique from the soil onsite, the house very intentionally looks like a relic from a wilder time. Poems, sandblasted sculptures, and relief prints of leaves, birds feet, and geodes are built right into the walls. You can also find Barbara’s paintings and felted sculptures throughout the house.  They depict animal and ecological themes to share Barbara and Sam passion for wildlife. Come visit the Ebba Springs Wildlife Perserve and you will too!

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