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Weird Homes Tour – Detroit

The Detroit Gallery of Metals actively celebrates, preserves, and explores the role of metal arts in Detroit and beyond. It is a wonderland of metal arts and history. Here, you can see iron elements of the Industrial Revolution, Bronze sculptures of West Africa and the future of sustainable metal arts technology.

It also serves as the home and studio of renowned metal artist, Carlos Nielbock. Here, you can also find many of his signature ornamental metalworks, such as the legendary “Detroit Sign”. Carlos uses his knowledge of all things metal to renew the faded beauty of Detroit’s magnificent old buildings. He wants to restore Detroit’s skyline to its original grandeur as the “Paris of North America.”  His work adorns some of Detroit’s most historic buildings from the Fox Theatre to Belle Isle.

Come meet the man and see the some of the most fascinating metalwork in Detroit!

The Weird Homes Tour’s self-driving and virtual home tours showcase unique and interesting homes in cities all across the world.  They are highly Instagram and social media worthy and family-friendly events where photos are welcome.

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