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Big Idaho Potato Hotel2020-04-14T13:14:41-05:00

South of Boise, Idaho

The Idaho Potato Commission first created the Big Idaho Potato in celebration of its 75th anniversary.  For seven long years, this overgrown spud toured America on a giant flatbed trailer. After its tour of duty, Krisite Wolfe, a former member of the Big Idaho Potato Truck Tour Team knew exactly what to do – turn it into a hotel!

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel clocks in at a massive 28 feet long, 12 feet wide and 11.5 feet tall. And the Potato is not only delicious, it’s eco-friendly as well. 10-inch thick green expanding foam makes up the potato’s walls for optimal heating and cooling. An 8-inch x 60-inch underground pipe also acts as a natural air conditioner by pumping cool air into the potato even during hot summer months.

And just in case you were wondering, a potato this size would weigh over four tons. That’s over 1 MILLION french fries!

You too can spend the night in this spacious spud.  Book through Airbnb.