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Barton Hills Art Oasis2020-11-02T16:49:25-06:00

Valerie, a metal artist, calls Barton Hills her home and art studio. In every sense, her house epitomizes the definition of art. Metal sculptures adorn every room including a metal portrait of a famous Russian witch, Baba Yaga, that guards the library. The whimsical furniture, from squared-circle chairs, to a loveseat that looks like a plush Viking ship, are all one of a kind and have been designed and built by Valerie’s husband.

The house itself is an always evolving work of art that Valerie hopes will never be complete. Besides being an art studio, the home also served as a French school and daycare. Along with the function of the home, the elements of the home also morph and change with. From the sky painted ceiling, mosque inspired doorway with matching cat door and closets that have become bookshelves, the house is always in a state of flux. It grows and changes like we all do.

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