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In Upper Boggy Creek, you will find the home of artist Barbara Irwin. Barbara is a found object artist who has made a career of transforming castaway items into unique works of art. She has turned her house into found object gallery, literally filled with works of art, from doll heads to bird cages to totems of power.

Now she wants to invite you to to stretch your imagination and see things in a new light, including how you decorate your homes. Barbara has taken turns at being an interior designer, a department store buyer, a certified Montessori teacher, an herbalist, and an artist. She was even involved in building a 42-foot trimaran sailboat and sailing from Texas to Hawaii! Since the time she was a teenager, she has created collages, but it was not until she was in her forties that she actually considered putting art out into the world.

In Barbara’s words, “when we learn to realize the uniqueness and beauty in everything, then we can understand that nothing is ever ordinary.”