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Seadrift, TX

While we’ve had some Art Cars on the tour before we very rarely get an Art BOAT to show off. German artist, Dieter Erhard designed this houseboat / art studio from an unfinished 64 foot steel gulf shrimp boat.  Sometimes called the “Pearl on the Gulf of Mexico” or “The Ghost Comes out Once a Year” the Art Boat primarily gets it’s name because Dieter is a working artist.  You can see several of his pieces on display in the. sculpture park just outside offers a variety of art pieces. That, along with the home’s evening light show has made it a bit of a roadside attraction.

While the Art Boat resides just out of the Weird Homes Tour’s footprint in Seadrift Texas, Dieter is happy to offer a tour to those who stop by.   Best time to catch him is spring or fall.

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