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Have you ever been to Shep, TX? If you haven’t, you aren’t alone. That’s why a very long time ago the United States Air Force built twelve sturdy structures in which they stored some very precious, but dangerous, things. Those of course were Atlas Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). Once the Sixties happened the Air Force moved their cargo and since then a variety of folks have owned missle silos like this all over the US. Including this beauty of a missile silo home.

This particular silo is owned by the fine folks of the Family Scuba Center in Midland, TX. They’ve owned it for about 30 years and have recently put a ton of work into it as a place to scuba dive (12oft of 57 degree water) attracting folks all over the country. And then slowly making it their home. And finally, they are transitioning it into a fully functional bed and breakfast.

Mark, who’s the owner, had this to say: “Once it’s finished it will be the perfect place for Doomsday/Zombie apocalypse survivalists to see if they can handle the isolation of a lock down. We can literally close a 50 ton blast door behind them for the night.” How’s that for a relaxing night with your family?

We aren’t sure when we will do a Weird Homes Tour of Shep, TX. But if we ever do, you bet this is making the cut.

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