The Weirdest Coffee Table Book Around

Weird Homes Tour Book

What is weird to some is what we call home in Austin. And nowhere is that more true than Austin’s Weird Homes Tour. 

-Steve Adler, The Honorable Mayor of Austin


We all have that certain someone on our gift list that we just can’t figure out what to get them. They have it all or, more annoyingly, they won’t tell you what they want and you just have to wing it.

Oven mitt? No…

Edible glitter? Eh, maybe…

Taco Sleeping Bag? That might make you more attractive to Texas bears…

Look no further, we have the perfect holiday gift for the Austinite in your life!

This gorgeous coffee table book features the one-of-a-kind Austin homes that started it all for the Weird Homes Tour. Page by page, we proudly present these homes and the weird people who live in them, many of whom designed and built their awe-inspiring dwellings by hand. From grand, historic haunts to treehouses and dumpster dwellings, you’re guaranteed to find something that will inspire design changes in your own home.

Buy it today for the perfect holiday gift for people who live in Austin or anyone that loves strange homes!


So jam-packed with amazing photos that it’ll scratch your oh-I-want-to-see-these-things itch.

The Austin Chronicle

Filled to the brim with colorful photos, [this book] takes you into the homes you thought only existed in dreams.
Texas Standard