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Weird Homes Tour™

Welcome to the world of the Weird Homes Tour™!

We founded the Weird Homes Tour to unleash the creativity that we all have inside. To showcase the weird, wonderful, and whimsical people and places that make our world amazing. Our Austin tour this year was May 7th and was a big success as we opened to a record 11 homes to the public. Thank you for making it one of our best years yet.

And, again, thanks to our amazing sponsors for the Austin tour who made this happen!

The first year of the Houston Weird Homes Tour is happening on October 8th, 2016.

Learn more about what the Houston tour could look like by watching the video below.

According to a 2014 Zandan Poll “Nine out of 10 Austinites think “Austin is Weird” but over half say it’s becoming more similar to other major US cities.” Through our homes tour (which is self paced and self guided) We want to highlight the many homes (and people!) that are working to reverse that statistic in Austin and Houston.

We truly believe the uniqueness of Austin and Houston resides in the places (and people) that call these cities home. Explore our site to learn more.