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Weird Homes Tour®

Welcome to the Weird Homes Tour®!

During our self-paced, self-driving tours you will visit the inside of homes of collectors of oddities, rare art collectors, performance artists, painters, sculptors and architects in cities all across the USA. And you can buy with your heart, since as a social impact company we donate to local nonprofits in all the cities we are in. Sign up on our mailing list to get exclusive pre-sales, win VIP tickets and more.


OUR NEXT TOUR IS Detroit on 8/24:










The Weird Homes Tour® is a community of like-minded people who are inspired by the strange, the kooky, the odd and the unexpected parts of our world. Won’t you join us and find your inspiration? We have tours in Austin, Portland, Detroit, Houston and New Orleans.

“We seek two things from our buildings. We want them to shelter us. And we want them to speak to us – to speak to us of whatever we find important and need to be reminded of.” – Alan De Botton, Architecht.

“When you enter one of our homes you will feel like Alice passing through the looking glass into a new world. When you enter our homes you become enveloped in a place with different rules, different truths.” – David J. Neff, CEO

In the mean time enjoy browsing our over 56 weird homes showcased so far.