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Atlanta, Georgia

Welcome to the world of Akiko Jones! Each room in her self created Weird Home has a theme and very distinct artwork. Her living room has 11 portraits of herself that have been created by her friends, along with a rainstorm installation on the ceiling, a floating umbrella, and a large painting of the sphinx creating miracles (catching a fish, hitting a home run, a rain of frogs, etc) with the face of the sphinx painted as Elvis.  Her guest room welcomes people with a a 7 ft animatronic werewolf, with werewolf art on the walls, a tone on tone birch tree feature wall, some lighted birch tree light features, a 6 ft birch branch floating from the ceiling, and almost 1000 UV light glowing stars on the ceiling. Her dining room is designed after the dining room at Country Club New Orleans, from the chair rail up there are painted huge flowers. And don’t forget the screened-in porch that she did in a “Land of the Lost” theme.

And finally, join her in the John Waters themed room! I have a desk that is decoupaged with fan art from his various movies, themed pillows from the movies, a framed tea towel with the word Shit, a framed photo of my sitting with John Waters in my “Huannukah fairy” costume, a fake fireplace, and the side table is a minifridge full of Japanese chocolate, sodas, and booze. I have a couple drug references in there as well, including a large pillow that depicts a Quaalude pill. The bookshelf has an assortment of horror/fantasy novels, BDSM novels, and art books, including a couple of coloring books of notable lesbians from the 1920s-1960s.

This DIY home is a great representative of how you can make your own home as weird as you want it to be!