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The House of Serendipity, Accessible for Everybody and Every Body2019-12-20T10:51:58-06:00

To say Larry Cross is passionate about sustainable and accessible design would be an understatement.

Larry spent many years hiking and enjoying nature, especially Yosemite National Park, but the onset of osteoporosis forced him to rethink how he should live and evolve in a space with limited mobility.  So when he bought a 2006 SE Portland fixer upper, he created a home that is not only beautiful with its colorful splashes and filled with his sub-Saharan African collection, but also completely accessible, focusing on Universal Design principles.

One of the spaces that most exemplifies this design principle is his garden which he describes as a “fragrant Matisse Sculpture Park.”  Not only is the garden fully enjoyed by those in wheelchairs, but Cross uses fragrant flowers and waterfalls so even those who have limited hearing or vision can enjoy the garden as well.

Cross’s home is not only accessible but incredibly sustainable. Whenever possible, existing materials were reused.  Many of the design features were made with reclaimed and upcycled materials. The four free range chickens provide natural fertilizer and the best tasting eggs Cross has ever had.