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For Sam Malvaney, collecting is an addiction. His gateway drug? A small table lamp with a white shade and a gold base, adorned with a tiny harlequin clown, posed in mid-jaunt, one knee cocked to kick. And so began the Museum of Bad Taste.

Since that first discovery, Sam has assembled what has to the finest collections of Eisenhower/Kennedy/Nixon-vintage furnishings and accessories in town, the kitschier the better. In the kitchen, there’s the Eiffel Tower bar stools, the rocket-shaped cocktail shaker, the pink poodle pitcher and the mobile of paper cocktail umbrellas dangling over the Formica-topped bar. In lieu of a desk chair, there’s a bullet-shaped, beehive-ready sit-down hair dryer. It still works.

At the Museum of Bad Taste, everything has a story. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to take a trip through this New Orleans treasure trove.

Weird Homes Tip – The French Quarter can be crowded on the weekend and parking could be limited.