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The yin to the Museum of Bad Taste’s yang, the Gallery of Good Taste shares a balcony with the kitschy collection and is the home studio to world renowned artist Isabelle Jacopin.

A full-time painter, Jacopin’s studio lies just steps from the balcony where she draws inspiration from the rich Big Easy life below. Canvases line the wall from floor to ceiling in rooms filled with Jacopin’s custom creations. She even flip-flopped the layout of her apartment, moving her bed into the living room and her paints into the bedroom.

The Gallery of Good Taste is a working-artist’s lair, with few furnishings, a clutter of art supplies and walls filled with paintings, explosive in color and energy, many depicting New Orleans’ most joyous moments — Mardi Gras, second lines, Jazz Fest and scenes that unfold right outside her bedroom door on Royal Street. See the French Quarter through the eyes of an artist.

Some of her work will even be for sale as well!

Weird Homes Tip – The French Quarter can be crowded on the weekend and parking could be limited.