House of Wonder

Austin is home to one of the world’s leading magicians, mind readers and hypnotists. Having immersed himself in the magical arts since a young age, Brad Henderson has created a living space filled with whimsical wonders and mysterious mementos. It’s like walking into the mind of a magician. Interactive art displays, puzzles, oddities, animation art, [...]

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The Keep

The Keep is an artistically fortified high-end refuge filled with original art and sculpture and 7-year DIY passion project of experimental artist and first-time homeowner, D. Warden. Every surface from the the translucent bullet-resistant front door to a medieval-themed mock moat and drawbridge in the backyard has been personally sculpted, plastered, acid-stained, epoxied, and reimagined [...]

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Home of the Mysterious Planchette

In the 19th century, Victorian-era Spiritualists believed they had breached the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead, and invented a diverse array of devices to assist them in their macabre communications with spirits. You may be surprised to learn the world’s prevailing occult archeologist and obsessed collector of these spirit communication [...]

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OMG House

In South Austin you will find the home of Randy and Sandy Robertson and their weird collections of unexpected and uncommonly cool treasures. Randy is a musician and in his studio / man cave, you can see instruments and music memorabilia from the Beatles, Cheech & Chong, The California Raisins and vintage record albums. The [...]


Bloomhouse is the thesis statement of designer Charles Harker who sought out to experiment with materials and explore organic shapes and architecture in order to seek harmony with the natural world. And you can definitely see that in Bloomhouse’s design.  The home is forever flowing and undulating. You will not be able to find a [...]

The Music Home

Deep in south Austin lies a home that is a “Peruvian Palace” of music. This four bedroom, three bathroom, 2500 sq ft house greets you with a gold album from Ozzy as you walk in the door. That’s the first sign that an event planner and long time live music producer lives here. It’s also [...]

Under the Sea

Nestled in the classic Austin weirdness zone of the 78704 lies this home dedicated to bold, bright colors and bold, bright ideas. From the moment we saw the art car pulling into the driveway we knew this was destined for the Weird Homes Tour. This complete work of art is home to Lois, who's been [...]

The Earthbag House

The Earthbag House was built with love, sweat and tears by its amazing and dedicated owner, Bill along with a few helpers. Earthbag building uses burlap or another bag material to hold dirt that very closely resembles adobe. These adobe earthbags are filled on top of the wall, scoop by scoop, of locally sourced dirt. These homes [...]