The Organic Contemporary Tiny House

While attending the University of Texas Joel Weber created his tiny home with 2 main goals: To graduate debt free, and skip dorm life to own his first home. Anyone who lives in Austin can tell you that’s a hard combination to accomplish but Joel found a way through building his world famous Tiny Home. [...]

OMG House

In South Austin you will find the home of Randy and Sandy Robertson and their weird collections of unexpected and uncommonly cool treasures. Randy is a musician and in his studio / man cave, you can see instruments and music memorabilia from the Beatles, Cheech & Chong, The California Raisins and vintage record albums. The [...]


Bloomhouse is the thesis statement of designer Charles Harker who sought out to experiment with materials and explore organic shapes and architecture in order to seek harmony with the natural world. And you can definitely see that in Bloomhouse’s design.  The home is forever flowing and undulating. You will not be able to find a [...]

Paint by Numbers House

Tucked away behind Ben White you will find the the old site of Austin’s infamous KAOS pirate radio station that still carries the old Austin spirit.  Also known as "Jester House", the home of artist Dolce Malatesa and Bill Sherborne, greets visitors with Dolce’s large “paint by numbers” style mural of a lush oasis that [...]

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The Art Dome

Tucked into the rocky hill and forested countryside of the Austin Cuernavaca Neighborhood, there stands the domed home of artist Katy Nail and her husband and broadcast journalist Jim Swift. The house is constructed from five connected blown concrete domes, lit by its many windows and 27 skylight panels. Built in the late seventies by [...]

Barton Hills Art Oasis

Valerie, a metal artist, calls Barton Hills her home. In every sense, her house epitomizes the definition of “art”. Metal sculptures adorn every room including a metal portrait of a famous Russian witch, Baba Yaga, (what's with all the witches this year?) that guards the library. The whimsical furniture, from squared-circle (or is it circled square?) [...]

Barbara’s Bird Cage

In Upper Boggy Creek, you will find the home of artist Barbara Irwin. Barbara is a found object artist who has made a career of transforming castaway items into unique works of art. She has turned her house into found object gallery, literally filled with works of art, from doll heads to bird cages to [...]

The Music Home

Deep in south Austin lies a home that is a “Peruvian Palace” of music. This four bedroom, three bathroom, 2500 sq ft house greets you with a gold album from Ozzy as you walk in the door. That’s the first sign that an event planner and long time live music producer lives here. It’s also [...]

Casa Neverlandia

The Bouldin Creek neighborhood holds a sweet surprise for those who know where to look. And that surprise is Casa Neverlandia. This towering yet whimsical mansion was built with love and care by James Talbot and friends and family since 1979. The home is a colorful, undulating playscape outfitted with solar panels, rainwater collection, fire poles, [...]