The Artist’s Haven

Celebrated Houston artist Sharon Kopriva’s studio/living space is attached to Houston’s renowned Redbud Gallery, owned and operated by Sharon and her husband Gus. Sharon’s work has, for more than thirty years, combined two- and three-dimensional media often with fusions of papier-mâché and found objects. Sharon is known for creating mummy-like, haunting sculptural pieces. The living [...]

The Art House

Bonnie Blue is a rockstar who lives with hundreds of celebrities. She is an award-winning caricaturist who has turned her actual house into a work of art. Why not!? She’s done the same with her cars, turning them into renowned Art Cars, and has traveled nationwide sharing smiles across the miles. Bonnie Blue, AKA the [...]

The Hippolotofus Home

Can you say that three times fast? We dare you, but beware! Everytime you say it a hippo will appear! Welcome to the home of Sue. Sue’s amazing collection of hippo objects and hippo memorabilia has been collected over the last 45 years. Sue is also a member of the Hippolotofus Society. That’s a worldwide [...]

The KGA Compound

Kelly Gale Amen has been an influential and eccentric designer and participant in the Houston arts & design community since 1974. His work has been described as shocking and deliciously enchanting. We can’t think of a better way to describe his downtown urban loft at the stylish and art-friendly Dakota Lofts! Kelly’s compound is overflowing [...]

Secret Garden Home

Selia Qynn’s weird home includes an amazing backyard habitat certified by the National Wildlife Federation.  Located on three quarters of an acre in the Spring Branch neighborhood, her garden offers a treasure-trove of nooks and secrets waiting to be discovered around every corner. The main features include a Cobblestone Island, a statuary fountain, two waterfalls [...]

The Journey Through Time House

Susie and Dirk Stronck are indeed happy to describe their home and as “weird”.  But taken all together, their collection represents an incredible breadth of history, culture, religion and art in one studio loft. Historical and religious pieces from around the globe grace every nook, from an Egyptian sarcophagus headpiece in the entrance, to African [...]

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The Lester Marks Collection

Let's get this out of the way first. Lester Marks is one of the most renowned, respected, and charitable art collectors of contemporary art in the city of Houston. He's been recognized as one of the top 100 art collectors in the United States and among the “Top 100 Art Collectors Making a Difference in [...]

The Working Studio

Come see the home and studio of artist and Houston native, Alix Dunn. Inspired by the Texas landscape, Alix seeks to understand mankind’s connection with nature and to mirror and grow that connection. She’s found answers in fantasy, reality, abstraction and expressionist symbolism. Nothing influenced her more though than the cycles of life and the [...]

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