The Shipping Container Home

Want to live in a shipping container? It's actually not what weird anymore. Architect and Designer Michael De Ovando has been transforming shipping containers into living spaces for over 35 years, way before it was cool! His company, Container Living Solutions’ aims to create a superior product for modular living and work spaces that can [...]

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Ebba Springs Wildlife Refuge

Austin is expanding, fast. And while we often just talk about this in terms of nightmare traffic, Austin’s expansion has had a significant impact on local wildlife. Well, Sam and Barbara Attwell Ritter’s Cuernavaca Neighborhood house, called Ebba Springs, is helping counteract this trend by incorporating wildlife habitat elements into their home design at every [...]

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The Art Dome

Tucked into the rocky hill and forested countryside of the Austin Cuernavaca Neighborhood, there stands the domed home of artist Katy Nail and her husband and broadcast journalist Jim Swift. The house is constructed from five connected blown concrete domes, lit by its many windows and 27 skylight panels. Built in the late seventies by [...]

Indras Awarehouse

When painter and acro-yogini, Randi Southard, bought her small home in east Austin, she had a vision to transform it into something so much more.  After plenty of concrete, metal, blood, sweat and tears later,  Indra’s Awarehouse now stands as a visual and performing arts studio and collaborative creative space for aerial artists, costume designers, [...]

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Barton Hills Art Oasis

Valerie, a metal artist, calls Barton Hills her home. In every sense, her house epitomizes the definition of “art”. Metal sculptures adorn every room including a metal portrait of a famous Russian witch, Baba Yaga, (what's with all the witches this year?) that guards the library. The whimsical furniture, from squared-circle (or is it circled square?) [...]

Barbara’s Bird Cage

In Upper Boggy Creek, you will find the home of artist Barbara Irwin. Barbara is a found object artist who has made a career of transforming castaway items into unique works of art. She has turned her house into found object gallery, literally filled with works of art, from doll heads to bird cages to [...]

Riggins’ Cabinet of Curiosities

Tucked away in University Hills, stands the home of Friday Night Lights’ own Tim Riggins. While Friday Night Lights might not be with us anymore, Riggins' house, which was used for filming Friday Night Lights, has found a new life as a Cabinet of Curiosities. Plus you can see this house (which no longer exists!) [...]

Florence’s Comfort House

In a bold streak of color in the Montopolis neighborhood lives Florence. This wild 75-year-old has lived in her house for 25 years.  In response to the daily challenges she and her neighbors face, both inside and outside their homes, she founded Florence's Comfort House and has decorated it with art and heart ever since. This house, [...]