The Art House

Bonnie Blue is a rockstar who lives with hundreds of celebrities. She is an award-winning caricaturist who has turned her actual house into a work of art. Why not!? She’s done the same with her cars, turning them into renowned Art Cars, and has traveled nationwide sharing smiles across the miles. Bonnie Blue, AKA the [...]

The Hippolotofus Home

Can you say that three times fast? We dare you, but beware! Everytime you say it a hippo will appear! Welcome to the home of Sue. Sue’s amazing collection of hippo objects and hippo memorabilia has been collected over the last 45 years. Sue is also a member of the Hippolotofus Society. That’s a worldwide [...]

The Kimzey House

Barbara Kimzey has collected the art she's loved for over twenty years. Barb's collecting travels include making three driving trips across the South, the East, and Appalachia. "I found the artist hidden - met these artist and learned who they were and why they carved and painted their style of art. They were "Outsider Artists", [...]

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5000 Square Foot One Bedroom

The 5000 Square Foot One Bedroom/Art Studio by Architect Scott Strasser is the home of Beverley and Wayne Gilbert, owners of Dig-Houston, LLC and Gspot Contemporary Art Space in the Heights. The home, which was once a warehouse, retains is spacious warehouse character, but with the nuance of a cozy home, spectacularity of an art [...]

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The Wehnert Home

Victoria and Jay Wehnert's 1897 Victorian farmhouse is one of the oldest houses in Historic Houston Heights.  It is home for their collection of Outsider, Self Taught and Visionary Art. The art features work by internationally acclaimed artists such a Bill Traylor, Martin Ramirez and Henry Darger, Texans such as Ike Morgan and Eddie Arning, [...]

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