The Earthbag House

The Earthbag House was built with love, sweat and tears by its amazing and dedicated owner, Bill along with a few helpers. Earthbag building uses burlap or another bag material to hold dirt that very closely resembles adobe. These adobe earthbags are filled on top of the wall, scoop by scoop, of locally sourced dirt. These homes [...]

The Dumpster Project

Talk about downsizing. What does home look like in a world of 10 billion people? How do we equip current and future generations with the tools they need for sustainable living practices? With a dumpster and a team of students and experts, the dumpster project has transformed from a barely habitable used garbage container to a [...]

Casa Neverlandia

The Bouldin Creek neighborhood holds a sweet surprise for those who know where to look. And that surprise is Casa Neverlandia. This towering yet whimsical mansion was built with love and care by James Talbot and friends and family since 1979. The home is a colorful, undulating playscape outfitted with solar panels, rainwater collection, fire poles, [...]

The Freeman House

If you live in Crestview in North Austin you'd drive by this place a hundred times and never spot it. It's a true hidden gem. This Mexico-inspired hacienda is the hidden artist's retreat of owners Darryl Freeman and his wife. Behind its hand built, 6-foot limestone walls, one finds a chicken yard, two koi ponds, an [...]

Eponymous Garden

More than just a house, The Eponymous Garden is a collection of three 1930’s bungalows and an 1880’s Victorian Farmhouse in a private, fenced compound filled with trees, flowers, herbs, trails and Weirdness. Did we mention the circus sideshow in the backyard? The compound has long housed artists, entertainers, writers, philosophers, circus freaks and other general ne'er-do-wells. [...]

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Rancho Burrito : The Shipping Container Home

In East Austin it causes people to stop, stare and get out of their cars. Is it a business, a farm, an experiment, a home? Is that a man welding in the July heat? In truth you can say  YES to all of the above. Homes built out of shipping containers are a newer way [...]

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Sponsor: VIP PARTY

Our VIP party is going to be pretty amazing. One VIP ticket gets you access to our whole tour plus a wicked cool party brought to you by the folks below. Our theme is a surprise but we know you are going to love it. Mix-IT, LLC https://www.facebook.com/MixITLLC Illusions http://www.illusionsrentals.com https://www.facebook.com/IllusionsRentals High Brew Coffee http://highbrewcoffee.com/ [...]

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Sponsor : Bentley Insurance

The Story Bentley Insurance Agency is proud to support the Weird Homes Tour at the $500.00 level. At Bentley Insurance Agency, we recognize that shopping for insurance is about as fun as finding parking at Barton Springs on a holiday weekend.  As a Trusted Choice Independent Agency, we are able to navigate through the process with [...]

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