Gallery of Good Taste

The yin to the Museum of Bad Taste’s yang, the Gallery of Good Taste shares a balcony with the kitschy collection and is the home studio to world renowned artist Isabelle Jacopin. A full-time painter, Jacopin's studio lies just steps from the balcony where she draws inspiration from the rich Big Easy life below. Canvases [...]

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Magazine Street Upcycled Home

Heather and Mark’s weird home is located across the street from Up/Unique Products, their shop on historic Magazine Street. Heather and Mark met fighting over a rubber chicken at at Mardi Gras parade and bonded over a shared interest in recycled artwork and their home reflects that! They are both artists and design and build [...]

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Third Street Secret Museum

Erika and Robert Gates aren’t artists, but they sure are handy. Take a trip to the Third Street Secret Museum to see their collection of collections acquired over the 10 years since they met in Austin, TX. Often referred to as The Museum, Erika and Robert experiment in displaying their collection of memorabilia and vintage [...]

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The Artist’s Haven

Celebrated Houston artist Sharon Kopriva’s studio/living space is attached to Houston’s renowned Redbud Gallery, owned and operated by Sharon and her husband Gus. Sharon’s work has, for more than thirty years, combined two- and three-dimensional media often with fusions of papier-mâché and found objects. Sharon is known for creating mummy-like, haunting sculptural pieces. The living [...]

The Art House

Bonnie Blue is a rockstar who lives with hundreds of celebrities. She is an award-winning caricaturist who has turned her actual house into a work of art. Why not!? She’s done the same with her cars, turning them into renowned Art Cars, and has traveled nationwide sharing smiles across the miles. Bonnie Blue, AKA the [...]