Mid-Century and Magnificent

Untouched and untamed, this modern home has held its original glory since 1963.  At 55 years old you will want to look this good and impeccable in condition and impressive in style. Devoted owners Kelly and Dean Elliot have committed to preserving the Jonathan Adler-styled environment. They’ve maintained surroundings that include bone screens and a [...]

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Playful on Pierce

Proudly standing all alone in a just about abandoned neighborhood of Detroit sits a beacon of color and playfulness. This modest 900 sq ft home is the design outcome of some creative, inventive and maybe a bit weird folks, including a pair of 2007 Cranbrook Architectural Master’s students who built this home as their thesis [...]

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A place to get stoned? Well, not really? Though, it may be a place to meet the Flintstones. Na, not really…. Visit this home and “you’ll have a gay old time!” You will be sure to get a deep dive into an out-of-this-world Bedrock-themed collection.  How do you say “Yabba dabba do” in French? This [...]

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Detroit Abloom

Detroit’s most exciting and up and coming areas are not in downtown alone. Are you aware of 7/Livernois, or the Jefferson/Chalmers area? You should be. By the river, near Jeff/Chalmers sits a uniquely fresh and colorful Victorian-styled home. These owners turned a demolished neighboring home that left behind a rubble-filled side-lot into a one of [...]

Casa Avery

Have you ever been to the Woodbridge neighborhood? Up the river…Grand River, and on ‘the landing’ of downtown in one of Detroit’s most historic neighborhoods sits Gary and Cathy Schwartz’s beautiful home. The architecture alone is ‘must see,’ bringing forth craftsman-style elements and amazing woodwork. All of this serves as the backdrop for Gary and [...]

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1948 Nautical Moderne

The home of Bobby and Marti Brom is doubly unusual.  It is a rare example of the nearly forgotten Nautical Moderne industrial design which acted as a bridge between the ornate vertical art deco architecture of the 1920s and the clean horizontal lines of the mid-century modern.  But perhaps more unusual, the highly stylized original [...]

Milepost 5

Milepost 5 is an affordable housing community for creatives in Portland, developed for working artists of all disciplines. Located on a two-acre campus in Portland’s Montavilla neighborhood, Milepost 5’s community of over 100 renters work in dozens of artistic fields. Residents host monthly art openings, present plays, music, readings, workshops, and other events in the community [...]

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The House of Serendipity, Accessible for Everybody and Every Body

To say Larry Cross is passionate about sustainable and accessible design would be an understatement. Larry spent many years hiking and enjoying nature, especially Yosemite National Park, but the onset of osteoporosis forced him to rethink how he should live and evolve in a space with limited mobility.  So when he bought a 2006 SE [...]

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The House of Halloween : Carnival of Screams

Elevens months of the year, this home in Daphne, AL is nondescript on the outside, save for a small glowing pumpkin in the front flowerbed.  Come October 1, however, the yard is transformed into an all encompassing yard haunt, complete with animatronics, actors, state of the art light and sound f/x, and larger than life skillfully [...]

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