Ms. Mae’s Casket Home

Have a seat and kick back on the( temporary) final resting place of one of New Orleans most famous bar owners, all in the comfort of the classic uptown shotgun home of carpenter and artist, Sarah Burton.  Sarah likes to reuse and up-cycle funerary equipment, including Ms. Mae’s temporary casket, which has been converted into [...]

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The Journey Through Time House

Susie and Dirk Stronck are indeed happy to describe their home and as “weird”.  But taken all together, their collection represents an incredible breadth of history, culture, religion and art in one studio loft. Historical and religious pieces from around the globe grace every nook, from an Egyptian sarcophagus headpiece in the entrance, to African [...]

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The Lester Marks Collection

Let's get this out of the way first. Lester Marks is one of the most renowned, respected, and charitable art collectors of contemporary art in the city of Houston. He's been recognized as one of the top 100 art collectors in the United States and among the “Top 100 Art Collectors Making a Difference in [...]

The Last Madam House

In a city rich with history, the Last Madam House has left its mark as one of the oldest and most interesting places in NOLA. Located just inside French Quarter, the Last Madam House has been the home to some of New Orleans most interesting and influential characters since it's construction in 1830. Through the [...]

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