Barton Hills Art Oasis

Valerie, a metal artist, calls Barton Hills her home. In every sense, her house epitomizes the definition of “art”. Metal sculptures adorn every room including a metal portrait of a famous Russian witch, Baba Yaga, (what's with all the witches this year?) that guards the library. The whimsical furniture, from squared-circle (or is it circled square?) [...]

Community First!

Nestled in far East Austin is the dream of one Austin nonprofit - and close friends of ours - Mobile Loaves and Fishes. Community First! is a 27-acre master-planned community that will provide affordable and - sustainable housing - (just what we like to invest in) and a supportive community for the chronically homeless in Central [...]

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The Village of the Witch

n Garrison Park you will find a home that defies all definition. The expansive back yard holds massive rain collectors, large solar panels, and a small building that can only be described as a guard house. Two generations of Airstream trailers stand alongside these items. “Olga” is a few years old with all the modern [...]

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Returning for a third semester, comes Dr. Jeff Wilson and his latest project. Right next to the Historic Scoot Inn sits the future of urban living from the mind of our own Professor Dumpster, Dr. Jeff Wilson. This time, under the company name Kasita, Jeff is on a mission to reimagine home design so that [...]

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Barbara’s Bird Cage

In Upper Boggy Creek, you will find the home of artist Barbara Irwin. Barbara is a found object artist who has made a career of transforming castaway items into unique works of art. She has turned her house into found object gallery, literally filled with works of art, from doll heads to bird cages to [...]

Riggins’ Cabinet of Curiosities

Tucked away in University Hills, stands the home of Friday Night Lights’ own Tim Riggins. While Friday Night Lights might not be with us anymore, Riggins' house, which was used for filming Friday Night Lights, has found a new life as a Cabinet of Curiosities. Plus you can see this house (which no longer exists!) [...]