Valhalla Missile Silo Home

Have you ever been to Shep, TX? If you haven't, you aren't alone. That's why a very long time ago the United States Air Force built twelve sturdy structures in which they stored some very precious, but dangerous, things. Those of course were Atlas Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). Once the Sixties happened the Air Force [...]

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Florence’s Comfort House

In a bold streak of color in the Montopolis neighborhood lives Florence. This wild 75-year-old has lived in her house for 25 years.  In response to the daily challenges she and her neighbors face, both inside and outside their homes, she founded Florence's Comfort House and has decorated it with art and heart ever since. This house, [...]

Sharon’s House

Sharon's a well known ceramic artist in Austin, TX whose work has won numerous accolades, including an artist-in-residence position at the Resen Ceramic Colony in Macedonia in 1997 and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Award in Crafts in 1995. When's she not teaching ceramics at Austin Community College she's spending time in her [...]

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Under the Sea

Nestled in the classic Austin weirdness zone of the 78704 lies this home dedicated to bold, bright colors and bold, bright ideas. From the moment we saw the art car pulling into the driveway we knew this was destined for the Weird Homes Tour. This complete work of art is home to Lois, who's been [...]

Johnson/Chronister Manor

In the hills of West Austin, there's a secretive manor hiding at the top of a hill. With amazing stained glass, hidden closets, hidden spiral staircases, and a belfry, it's not to be missed. It has many Gothic or medieval architectural features such as a "green man" face fireplace, mythical creatures stained-glass doors, and English [...]

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