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Ultra VIP – The Golden Key

The Golden Ticket. The Golden Snitch. The Golden Key. Throughout history, mankind has placed extra value on all things golden. Today is no different. When you buy your Golden Key you get one person ULTRA VIP access to all Weird Homes Tour® events for one year plus access to the Golden Key Club. More on the Golden Key Club coming soon.

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It includes the following:
– An actual golden key! (Priceless)
– One VIP or normal ticket to all Events for One Year. Five events and counting! ($225+)
– One copy of our new design and architecture book “Weird Homes: The People and Places That Keep Austin Strangely Wonderful” autographed by the founders. ($25) autographed by the founders (priceless)
– One Weird Homes Tour Hat ($20)
– One Weird Homes Tour Tshirt in your size ($25)
– Other surprises throughout the year (Priceless)

P.S. Have friends in other cities? The key is transferable in other tour markets.

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