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Rancho Burrito : The Shipping Container Home

Posted in 2014 Weird Homes, All Weird Homes

In East Austin it causes people to stop, stare and get out of their cars. Is it a business, a farm, an experiment, a home? Is that a man welding in the July heat? In truth you can say  YES to all of the above. Homes built out of shipping containers are a newer way to recycle a very basic item used everyday in our world. They are big, metal objects used to haul good across the world. But done right..they can make deceivingly cool homes. Come take a look inside one and learn how it’s all put together by it’s owner. Only on the Weird Homes Tour. Grab your tickets today.

P.S. Did we mention it has a wood burning hot tub? That fits three people during SXSW according to it’s owner…..

The Stats:

Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms *
Estimated square feet of your home *
Why is your home weird? Small, container, owner built, high percentage of reused materials, will be the most environmentally friendly house in the city!. Productive farm, wood burning hot tub, chickens, and more….Eventually, I’ll be off the grid, and producing enough food to eat or
trade, making me carbon negative, that is, eliminating more environmental waste than I produce. This may sound nuts but I’m
entirely code-compliant and there’s no reason why this weird couldn’t become the new normal.
What is your definition of weird?
Great question, I think weird to me is normal. I have been “weird” for so long, it feels good to fit in a little more normal in Austin. I am
a pretty introverted person, so talking up the project takes energy. I think it’s important though, and a nice thing about Austin is that as
I question and deviate from society’s norms, people are supportive and excited to see an alternative lifestyle.