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Selia Qynn’s weird home includes an amazing backyard habitat certified by the National Wildlife Federation.  Located on three quarters of an acre in the Spring Branch neighborhood, her garden offers a treasure-trove of nooks and secrets waiting to be discovered around every corner. The main features include Cobblestone Island, a statuary fountain, two waterfalls and a 12,000 gallon pond populated with koi fish that playfully swim in a physics-defying above water display. Discover tin-can-men, wine cork murals, COW-becues, sculptures and Selia’s poetry displayed on fences. You may even be able to sit and catch a special musical performance in the garden theater.

Selia’s home and garden is also a menagerie with a cast of colorful characters. Lucy, the guard-goose and matriarch of the garden, sits over her realm. Pippin, the matre-duck will be happy to show you around with, Lilly, a call duck and Jaqueline, a rabbit tagging along at his heels. An aviary is home to white doves, zebra finch and button quail. There is also a chicken pen, a sulcata tortoise, a box turtle, a chameleon and an active beehive.

*allergy notice: bees present