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The Journey Through Time House

Posted in 2017 Houston Weird Homes, All Weird Homes

Susie and Dirk Stronck are indeed happy to describe their home and as “weird”.  But taken all together, their collection represents an incredible breadth of history, culture, religion and art in one studio loft. Historical and religious pieces from around the globe grace every nook, from an Egyptian sarcophagus headpiece in the entrance, to African tribal statues, pre-Columbian artifacts, religious relics including one of the original Lutheran Bibles, and even the blessed Virgin watching over the household.

The art is equally as eclectic with 16th/17th century prints, modern paintings, sculpture and more. Housed in the Dakota Lofts, whose original building was built in 1910, you will be taken on a breathtaking journey through time and place ranging from BC to 2017 and from sea to shining sea.

Come see one of the most interesting homes in Houston by purchasing a ticket here.