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The Art Dome

Posted on Feb 26, 2017 by in 2017 Austin Weird Homes, All Weird Homes | 0 comments

Tucked into the rocky hill and forested countryside of the Austin Cuernavaca Neighborhood, there stands the domed home of artist Katy Nail and her husband and broadcast journalist Jim Swift. The house is constructed from five connected blown concrete domes, lit by its many windows and 27 skylight panels.

Built in the late seventies by Austin musicians (isn’t that everyone in Austin?) the house’s previous owners left hand written notes about the homes healing powers to it’s next generation of owners. Katy attributes this to it’s comforting curved walls and feminine qualities that create an almost sacred space.

When asked about “what’s the most difficult aspect about living in a domed house?”, Katy a painter, had to confess that curved walls are a little tough for hanging paintings.

The exterior garden is another major feature. Designed with the help of Frank Meyer (another Austin musician) it includes a wood burning oven, art, arbor, labyrinth and chickens. Between the house and the garden you will be transported to another world, but only when you buy tickets to the 2017 tour here.