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The Shotgun Container Home

Posted on Oct 6, 2017 by in 2017 New Orleans Weird Homes, All Weird Homes | 0 comments

In the Carrollton-area, sits the 750 sq ft shipping container home of Seth Rodewald-Bates & Elisabeth Davies.  While shipping container homes, in of themselves, are not weird, this one is the result of the perfectly weird marriage of New Orleans and West Texas inspirations.  The genesis of the shipping container home comes from weird and wonderful Marfa, Texas, where Seth and Elisabeth first met.  Marfa is best know for the large scale art installations of Donald Judd whose aesthetic and style were both adopted for the home’s style.  And what better place for this home than New Orleans with it’s traditional long and narrow shotgun style houses. With it’s historic port, New Orleans has seen quite a few shipping containers pass through her city limits.

This home was completely built by Seth and Elisabeth along with a little help from friends and family over the course of a year and a half.  Inside, they live minimally as one would expect in a 750 sq foot home with exception to their extensive book collection which covers everything from sustainability to the culinary arts.

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