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Playful on Pierce

Posted in 2018 Detroit Weird Homes, All Weird Homes

Proudly standing all alone in a just about abandoned neighborhood of Detroit sits a beacon of color and playfulness. This modest 900 sq ft home is the design outcome of some creative, inventive and maybe a bit weird folks, including a pair of 2007 Cranbrook Architectural Master’s students who built this home as their thesis statement.

They chose to build over the embers of a burnt out property in Detroit reusing the original studs and a mix of salvaged and modern materials.  The upstairs walls for example are built with tongue-in-groove flooring from a 1913 house. This house literally has floors for walls.

You’ll definitely know this house when you see it.  The fabulous outer murals are all hand done, hardly dull, and really jump out in the surrounding wintertime pastures of fresh fallen snow. It will be a super cool visit on the August day. Looking to stick around longer?  It now operates as a micro-bed and breakfast where you can be sure to enjoy the distant views and Detroit city skyline.

Come dance on the walls by buying your tickets here.