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The Map

Welcome to the world of the Weird Homes Tour®! The tour is Saturday August 25th from 10am-6pm. Here’s our 2018 map as a PDF. Be sure to download this or print it out. It’s self paced and self driving. If you still need to buy tickets you can go here.

  1. You can start the tour at any of the houses on the map. 
  2. Once you are there pick up your wristbands from one of our Wranglers. Show the Wrangler your email ticket or just give them your name.
  3. Pick up your tour booklet with tons of info on the homes
  4. Pick up one of our great Tshirts or hats for sale.
  5. Our homeowners might be selling some cool stuff too!
  6. Have a weird, whimsical, and wonderful time!