In the historic Irish Channel neighborhood, you’d be surprised to find a collection of 7 shipping containers situated among the shotgun houses. Located within eyesight of the Port of New Orleans, these containers aren’t part of a lost shipment, but instead are a fun, forward thinking home designed by Anne and Kicker Kalozdi who were looking to think outside, or rather inside, the box.

Converting old shipping containers into homes is not a new idea, but it has only recently emerged as a practice in NOLA. Shipping containers are a natural fit for a city where hundreds of thousands of the units pass through the Port of New Orleans each year.

For last year’s inaugural Weird Homes Tour, the KAN House was still under construction. In the year since Anne and Kicker have finished construction and are proud to reveal their finished home. Swing by the Irish Channel to catch a glimpse into the future of sustainable design by getting your ticket here.

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