The idea for Hawthorne Hobbit Hole’s unique design was born from a creative solution to a problem with Greg and Beth Raisman’s basement – the ceilings were too short.  If you can make the ceilings taller, then the best option is to turn that bug into a feature and make the room something straight out of Tolkien. With the Hawthorne Hobbit Hole’s curving cabinets and exposed roots and rough wood trim, everything will make you feel like you are paying a visit to your friends in the Shire.

Sustainability is very important to the Raismans so the Hawthorne Hobbit Hole’s construction reflects an array of sustainable building practices. The root sculpture used natural clay taken from their own backyard during the excavation of the entryway stairs (called Earthen Building). Reclaimed materials such as pallets and teepee poles were used whenever possible and whenever new material was needed. They made sure it come from renewable and sustainable sources.

They are also looking for creative solutions to transportation challenges.  Want to know what it’s like to move a whole house with nothing but a bicycle?  They can tell you all about it!

And you can check it out by buying a ticket to the tour.  Want to stay longer?  The home is available to rent as well.


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