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Struggling for Weird

The city of Austin, Texas has been known for it’s wild, whimsical and weird artists for the last thirty years. However from 2006 to 2016, Austin home values increased an average 65.5% (along with the cost of living) according to a study of federal housing data. So although we love and value our artists, where can they actually live in Austin? This short film highlights the growing conflict between our love of artists and the booming growth of Austin and how we can all make a difference.

The Weird Homes Tour is a social impact startup that pledges a portion of every event ticket sold towards affordable housing solutions in Austin, Houston and New Orleans. More on how we pledge to try and solve this problem below.

Director: Aaron Weiss of One Story Productions
Executive Producers: David J. Neff, Chelle M. Neff
Producer: David J. Neff and Kevin Shaw
Creative Director: Mike Reddy

Austin, the hometown of the Weird Homes Tour, is an expensive place to live. As is Houston and New Orleans. And increasingly the amazing, creative, artistic folks that live in our weird homes can’t afford them.

We want to fight that battle and change the notion of what affordable housing looks like.

So each tour we do we give 10% towards affordable housing nonprofits in the cities we are in.