In West Linn, there stands a home with many names. Hobbit Home, Mushroom Abode, Star Wars House, Dome Home. No matter what you like to call it, the Dome Home’s unique design and story makes it a truly unique and fascinating home.

The Dome Home was designed and built in 1978 by Francisco Reynders, a Dutch artist, musician, actor, and mime (he studied under the famous Marcel Marcea).  Reynders mistrusted right angles so he decided to build a series of nine domes linked together by flat roofs.   Reynders used salvaged materials from the WWII Essex-class aircraft carrier USS Bunker Hill.  While commonly mistaken as gun turrets, the domes actually housed electronics from an era when the USS Bunker Hill was retrofitted in the late 1960’s as an electronics research platform. And to top it off Reynders added other personal touches like painted satyrs, secret passageways and other dramatic surprises.

Since Reynders’ death in 1996, the Dome Home went through a handful of owners and eventually fell into disrepair and bankruptcy court after being sold in 2015.  Although many feared that it would end up being torn down by developers it was thankfully saved by Rebecca and Alex Hagmuller with the goal of calling it their own and restoring the Dome Home back to its former glory.

Come get an inside peak at this one-of-a-kind home by buying a ticket to the tour.


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