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About Us

Strange. Kooky. Magical. Peculiar. Funky. Eccentric. Weird. Whatever you call it, it’s what we love to celebrate with our home tour. The Weird Homes Tour® is an annual self paced, self driving tour that showcases unique, creative and fascinating homes and people behind them.

The Weird Homes Tour® started over four years ago in Austin Texas by David and Chelle Neff as a way to see and show off the incredible homes they’d find across the city.  From there, the Weird Homes Tour® has since grown from to include annual homes tours in Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Portland and Detroit.

We are a mission driven, community minded, social impact start-up, created by a team of event veterans, that takes care of our people, our planet and makes a profit. We take our profits and give back 10% into smart, well-run nonprofits and other social impact businesses working in affordable housing.

Our tour is focused on homes and spaces. Our community is focused on weird. Join the community. Share the weird!


The Opportunity

The Weird Homes Tour® is a celebration of people and places that make our community ‑‑especially the unique, local and eclectic people who make it interesting and special.  In order to allow brands to partner with this one-of-a-kind event, The Weird Homes Tour® is offering a range of custom built sponsorship opportunities.


To Learn More

For a custom package please contact:

Kevin Shaw


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