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About Us

Our Promise

At the Weird Homes Tour we believe that design really has no boundaries. And that we promise that we would rather you be strange than a stranger. We know you would rather be a pirate than join the Navy. And we love that. We also know weird is wonderful and that giving back to our communities is THE most important thing. We are proud of how Austin, Houston, and NOLA can be fun, irreverent, outside the box, innovative, dynamic, proud, strange, and so much more.

About Us

We are a mission driven, community minded, social impact start-up, created by a team of event veterans, that takes care of our people, our planet and makes a profit. We were founded in 2014 and held our first self paced, self driving tour in Austin that same year. We take our profits and give back to our communities through investing it into smart, well-run nonprofits and other social impact businesses.

Our tour is focused on homes and spaces. Our community is focused on weird. Join the community. Share the weird!

Have a weird home? Be on the tour!

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