The home of Bobby and Marti Brom is doubly unusual.  It is a rare example of the nearly forgotten Nautical Moderne industrial design which acted as a bridge between the ornate vertical art deco architecture of the 1920s and the clean horizontal lines of the mid-century modern.  But perhaps more unusual, the highly stylized original features and glistening materials of all but the basement deck have been preserved rather than restored or updated.

The technology throughout the house is all cutting edge 1948 General Electric, from the built-in porcelain top-loading dishwasher to the chrome portal exhaust fan set in Marlite ceiling above Marmoleum flooring.  So much so that, in retrospect, this home has been recognized as an unselfconscious “House of Tomorrow.”

Bobby Brom is a retired Air Force officer who describes himself as a fan and occasional curator of disappearing Americana. Marti Brom is an accomplished interior designer/decorator and renowned rockabilly singer who cut her teeth in Portland’s “weird” sister city of Austin, Texas.



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